Thursday, May 24, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Clayton: The monster's lonely. He wants a friend.
A girlfriend. Somebody. What's so sick about that?

This post is for me, and not just for me to look at Brendan Fraser in this movie - this post is a reminder for me to watch G&M over my long holiday weekend (starting tomorrow we're off until Tuesday, by the way) because a re-watch has been burning us up at the back of my brain but I keep forgetting. And it's a good weekend to watch it, what with the Mary Shelley movie now out in theaters...

(Sidenote: My review of that will be up tomorrow, I'll link over when it is.) This is a big weekend for Elle Fanning Fans though - not only is Mary Shelley out but so is John Cameron Mitchell's new film How To Talk To Girls At Parties starring Elle and Nicole Kidman - we reviewed that last week, read our thoughts right here. Quick gist: I had a lot of fun with it but your mileage may vary depending upon your mood; it is very silly. In a good way though!


bvk said...

That brings to mind two other related films: Gothic (1986,Gabrielle Byrne, Natasha Richardson, Julian Sands, Myriam Cyr, Timothy Spall) and Haunted Summer (1988, Eric Stilz, Laura Dern, Alice Krige, Philip Anglim, and,oddly,Alex Winter).
Did you see either, or both? They're dusty now, but I imagine you've at least possibly seen the former, as it's director was Ken Russell. Only two years apart, and each fairly well received, they treated the same subject: the meeting of minds (and bodies, as it goes) between Byron and the Shelley's, culminating in the evening that produced Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
I'm curious about your thoughts on how they compare. I enjoyed both, though I favor Gothic.

Jason Adams said...

I've seen Gothic many times, bvk, I enjoy it a ton although I understand people's gripes about it - they're the same ones that people always have with Russell; about how hammy and over-done he can be. I have no such gripes, I love all that. But I've never seen Haunted Summer - I'll have to look it up!