Monday, April 16, 2018

Good Morning, World

I was just starting to panic, thinking I didn't have any "morning" related anything to share this morning to wish us all a "Good Morning" with, but Aaron Taylor-Johnson came through (you have no idea, or maybe you do you bunch of perverts, how difficult it was for me to write the words "Aaron Taylor Johnson came" without like half an hour of dramatic pause inserted there) with this photo of himself on the set of the Million Little Pieces movie (yes that one) that his wife's directing him in. (Recall that time we messed our pants when we found out his co-star is Charlie Hunnam.) Anyway there are a couple more shots of Aaron that we haven't shared before over on the movie's official Insta, go check'm.


Anonymous said...

Juliette Lewis is listed in the cast! YES YES YES YES YES!


Shawny said...

I wonder if Oprah will see it?