Friday, February 23, 2018

Good Morning, World

I feel as if I should probably say "Good morning!" to y'all before I start cursing, so first, good morning! And second, where the fuck has my fucking head been that I missed that Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Charlie Hunnam have been spending "quality time" together for the past several weeks making a movie? FUCK. I'd read that Aaron was making a movie out of James Frey's controversial (read: fake fakey fake) drug rehab memoir A Million Little Pieces with his wife Sam Taylor-Johnson directing, but I somehow missed Charlie being part of the cast. (pics via)

This is of interest to not just for reasons of my own prurient and indulgent imaginations, but because Charlie went on that public-chastising tour for dropping out of the Fifty Shades of Gray movie that STJ directed - I guess he did really want to work with her after all and wasn't just spinning bullshit. Or maybe he was spinning bullshit because he knew this job was ahead of him? Oh who cares - I never read the book so somebody tell me - just how much gay sex happens? ALL THE GAY SEX, right? (Just lie to me.) 

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