Thursday, April 05, 2018

Glusman Joins the Armie

This isn't really enough news to warrant an entire post but fuck it, I want to stare at a picture of Karl Glusman and that one will do - but it is news: Karl has joined the cast of Armie Hammer's next movie, which is shooting in New Orleans right this very minute. (Okay I don't know if they're shooting right this minute, I am not psychic slash stalking the set, unfortunately, but Armie did fly in to New Orleans yesterday according to his wife's Instagram.) This is the thriller from the director of Under the Shadow that we first told you about here and then mentioned again just recently when Dakota Johnson also joined the cast. It should be noted that Karl is 6'2" so the 6'5" giant that is Armie won't make him seem tiny - this is probably always a concern when casting opposite Armie, one imagines. Anyway we don't even have a title of this thing yet so obviously we don't know if there will be a long slow make-out scene between Armie & Karl in the finished product but fingers crossed.

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Adrian C said...

No need for news to post a photo of Karl Glusman, in my opinion.