Monday, April 02, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Walter: I think if we are kind,
it will be a kind world.

Oh if only, dude. I couldn't even be kind to the movie this was said in (what dreck) unfortunately. But hey we should all certainly make out with our clones - that much I can get behind. Anyway happy birthday, Michael Fassbender!

There he is with some fan, apparently (via) - these sorts of pics are the only way we can see him these days (specifically half naked on boats with dudes) since he seems to be taking some time off, post-wedding... to be Mr. Vikander I guess; he did make the rounds supporting his wife's Tomb Raider flop.

I still find it awfully strange that he's not in Steve McQueen's film Widows, don't y'all? Roles for all sorts of white boys like Colin Farrell and Garret Dillahunt and Jon fuckin' Bernthal, but nothing for your good luck charm, Steve? Hrm. Come back to us soon, Fassy. Hit the jump for a few never-before-posted pictures I scrounged up...

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Shawn McGuire said...

I loved Alien Covenant. A very ferocious sequel in the series. Not perfect by any means, but a top notch sci fi sequel with a particularly haunting end. I disagree with you. Not dreck at all.