Monday, April 02, 2018

7 Off My Head: Come Back to the Cameron Diaz

I think it was about a week or so ago that Selma Blair told somebody somewhere that her friend, the actress Cameron Diaz, had retired from actressing. I think most of us were like... wait, it has been four years since she's been in a movie hasn't it? I felt terribly guilty that I hadn't even noticed she'd been gone that long, and perhaps that exact oversight is why Cameron came out over the weekend and confirmed it - she says she is indeed retired.

At least she says it in a weird sort of roundabout way that leaves the door open, at least, but still. We don't want it! And so I got to thinking about all the great stuff Cameron Diaz gave us in the movies and I was going to make our typical list of 5 favorites but there are actually too many for that! She's such a natural and gifted comedianne. So I expanded it, and that's how bad I think she should un-retire. Here goes...

My 7 Favorite Cameron Diaz Performances

"I think it's kinda sexy that John Malkovich has a portal,
y'know, sort of like, it's like, like he has a vagina."

Malkina, The Counselor
"To see quarry, killed with elegance, it's just moving to me."

Maggie, In Her Shoes
"It is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart.
I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart."
"I could be Jello-O."

"I signed that release form, so you can
just feel free to stick things in my slot."

"Who needs him? I've got a vibrator!"

Tina, The Mask
"Sharing the sunset with me. For being the only guy
whose ever treated me like a person and not some sort
of party favor. For being any kind of romantic.
Even a hopeless one."


What are your faves?


Anonymous said...

You forgot her iconic performance in Lost In Translation. Sofia scalped her good.

Jason Adams said...

LOL I do absolutely love what Anna Faris does there :)

remy said...

She's indeed a great actress!
Love all those performances you mentioned, but missed Vanilla Sky. My favorite.

Scott said...

She's one of the few actresses I tend to like (and I do like her) at just about the same level across her movies - but I especially enjoyed her in In Her Shoes and Bad Teacher (and I loooooove Phyllis Smith in the latter).

par3182 said...

kimmy's overexcited entrance in my best friend's wedding is my favourite thing in that movie

cameron's also very good in things you tell just by looking at her [the entire cast is]

i hope she does at least one more film - that awful annie update is not the thing to go out on

shaun said...

Great choices, but I agree with the comment above -- Vanilla Sky forever! She should have been nominated for best supporting actress for that (at the Oscars -- she charmed the Globes peeps).