Friday, March 30, 2018

Who Wore It Best?

When I saw this picture on Jay's Instagram last night I immediately had to google for a reason why Jay Hernandez and Garrett Hedlund might know each other and it turns out they were in the original Friday Night Lights movie together in 2004 (which I have never seen). I was hoping that Jay was a new addition to the cast of Triple Frontier, the film that Garrett's been "filming" in Hawaii for the past couple of weeks - "filming" is in quotes because all we've seen is him and Charlie Hunnam blowing each other in the sand not once but twice without cameras of the non-paparazzi type in sight.

Anyway if IMDb is telling the truth Jay isn't listed in the cast for Triple Frontier but he IS making a Magnum PI movie, hence him being in Hawaii I guess. I like Jay very much, have ever since Hostel (hell maybe even since crazy/beautiful with Kirsten Dunst... hey I wonder if Jay is the connection between Garrett and Kristen, who dated for a long time?) but where's the stache, Jay? You cannot play Thomas Magnum and not bring stache! Maybe that stubble is the start stache-ward? Better be. (There best at least be short shorts.) Anyway since Jay & Garrett wore the same hat I gotta ask...
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Anonymous said...

juuust saying (not that it has any importance in our lives, but im obsessed with these two) that Garrett and Kirsten met while filming On the Road, so... I doubt Jay had anything to do with that :)