Friday, March 30, 2018

Great Moments in Movie Staches

In honor of Warren Beatty's 81st birthday today I figured there had to be a movie he made while mustached, given the time he has made movies during (aka all of it), and the first thing that came up was that mega-swoony picture of Warren above in Mike Nichols' 1975 film The Fortune, co-starring Jack Nicholson and Stockard Channing. 

There's only one problem: I have literally never even heard of this movie before. Have you? Have you, dare I ask, seen it? It's Mike Nichols for goodness sake so it must have some worth, right? Tell me something! I might have to watch this this very weekend if it's supposed to be any good. I love me some Stockard.


Scott said...

I learned of it years ago, but couldn't find a way to watch it at the time. If you've found such, and check it out, I'll be interested to read your take. Stockard is the best.

Jason Adams said...

You can rent it for 4 bucks on Amazon! :)

joel65913 said...

Obviously with that boatload of talent attached it's not worthless but again considering that same boatload of talent it should have been much better than it is. Stockard however comes off best and is her usual divine self. Spend the four bucks.

Anonymous said...

It's a hysterically funny movie. I have it on DVD. It's sort of Laurel&Hardy-esque with slapstick in it. Nicholson and Beatty are having a field day.

Anonymous said...

Beatty is a vain know-it-all and Nicholson is a dimwitted stooge. Neither is up to the zaniness Nichols required from them as if they find the material beneath them. The whole affair is pretty flat although Channing is fresh and giddy.
I still don't understand the set up.

Anonymous said...

The thing that will stick in your mind is Stockard singing "I Must Be Dreaming" in perfect 1930s crooner fashion over a wild, almost dialogue-free opening sequence that (kinda)explains the setup. Pretty much goes downhill after that... one of those movies you keep WISHING was better.