Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Who Wore It Best?

The fetishization of the underrated actor Fredric March somehow came up three random times for me yesterday -- I ogled several photographs of him and Cary Grant giving sultry stares and touches in the 1933 military picture The Eagle and the Hawk over on the Tumblr; I gave love to his steaming hot throuple escapades with Gary Cooper in also-1933's Design For Living; and finally on Twitter I realized he looked hella tight in his white uniform (that tipped cap, swoon) in 1935's Anna Karenina as Count Vronsky opposite Greta Garbo. And since I had just talked about the most recent adaptation of Karenina earlier this week on top of all that coincidence I figured, hey, let's do this thing...

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joel65913 said...

Freddie all the way. Taylor-Johnson looks like a fop while March is a sharp military man all crisp, white and starched.

You really must track down The Royal Family of Broadway (I found it on YouTube) where he runs around in just his undershorts and it being a pre-code comes thisclose to flashing us the full moon as he heads into the shower.