Monday, March 26, 2018


Mathematical Fact: You will lose one half of your life googling pictures of Marlon Brando. I have worked the numbers, slid them into my computer machine calculator, and discovered the fact of it. If you haven't spent all that much time already then prepare yourself because the next half of your years are already booked! Say bye bye to your loved ones and embrace the Brando.

On that note - hey look this week's edition of our "Beauty vs Beast" poll is up over at The Film Experience and we're wishing the writer Tennessee Williams a happy birthday by pitting his two most famous characters, Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski, against one another as God (aka Tennessee Williams) intended. Go forth and vote, and then come back here and hit the jump to get a start on the "staring at Brando" portion of your life with a dozen or so random shots of him on and off set as Stanley...


JD said...

If I could make a man in a machine, this is probably what he'd look like.

Anonymous said...

That first GIF? Of him lifting the chest? Uuuuunnnnnnfffffff.

Sorry, lost my facilities there for a second. Bless you, for you truly are doing the lord's work.