Friday, March 30, 2018

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #140

If you've got a fetish for bookshelves, 
or a fetish for Louis Garrel, or a fetish 
for bookshelves AND Louis Garrel, 
then have I got the film for you...

... Christophe Honoré's 2007 musical romance Love Songs 
has Louis swing-dancing both ways and 
being his usual incorrigibly endearing self the whole way. 

It's actually sort of shocking, skimming through 
the film just now, how much of its runtime sees him 
doing him set against a back-drop of bookshelves...

... it's as if Honoré fore-saw me coming and set 
the timer to eleven in anticipation.  All that...

... plus gay stuff! 
Will the swooning ever stop?


Bill Carter said...

In the last few years, I think I’ve watched the final song from that movie more times than I’ve watched any other scene from a film, except for the stunning swimming pool segment from “Let the Right One In”.

Dave R said...

Such a great film.