Friday, March 30, 2018

Scott Speedman Two Times

I just saw that Scott is going to be on Grey's Anatomy? Look at the video - it's him in scrubs! I don't watch that show - I have never watched that show, not even in its halcyon days of Doctor McDreamy - but they sure do just keep on keeping don't they? Hottest batch of TV Doctors ever, I think - they make the cast of E.R. look like a smattering of stump-necked Orcs.


Forever1267 said...

But... but... he and everyone else take their clothes off on "Animal Kingdom"?!?!?! How could this be?!??!?

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that he will really be gone from next season's Animal Kingdom? I can't remember if they killed him off at the end of the season. These damn seasons are so far apart anymore.