Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Good Morning, World

No offense Ansel Elgort but you'd be my third pick to wish a happy birthday today but I shot my wad too soon on birthday boy Jamie Bell yesterday with our post about Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool and there's somehow nothing I haven't posted before for other birthday boy Corey Stoll (although you might want to look back at his stint on Girls now that we're mentioning it) and so it's you, Ansel. Ansel who I still haven't made up my mind on. I didn't like Baby Driver, an anomaly when it comes to Edgar Wright Movies that I don't entirely not blame on your performance. And in the competition between LaGuardia High alums of Mr. Shifman I certainly come out Team Timmy. I guess we''l see what we think of you in that movie you're making with Nicole Kidman and decide then. Until then let's hit the jump for some more of Ansel in last year's November Criminals (and the shelves are a touch in the right direction)...


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Scot said...

Ansel Elgort is the Walmart version of Nick Robinson.