Friday, February 09, 2018

Morgan Spector Seven Times

As an addendum to yesterday's "Do Dump or Marry" post, and as a reminder that Permission is now out in theaters and on iTunes and you should watch it, here (via) are a few pictures of Mr. Morgan Spector - actor, husband to Rebecca Hall, tattoo enthusiast, and owner of one spectacularly curly up-do of which I am very jealous. 

Of course my jealousy for Spector's genetics only start at the hair and move down, down, downward, never really stopping. See lots (and I do mean lots) more of him in our previous posts, and then you can go ahead and hit the jump for all of these pictures...

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Remington said...

Fuck, he's yummy!!! Thanks for the reminder, Jason! That hair?! Yeeeees! I'll definitely have to see "Permission" soon and that other film "Split" (if I can ever find a way to watch it). And I had no idea all those tattoos were real! They did a good job of covering them up and/or photoshopping them out of his shirtless scene in "The Mist". So long as he keeps that hair, I'm happy! :)