Friday, February 02, 2018

I Am Link

--- Kill Planet Kill - Did anybody watch Mosaic on HBO? That's Steven Soderbergh's murder-mystery starring Sharon Stone & Garett Hedlund. I think it is good so far (I'm halfway through it), enough that I am hooked to see it through - mostly due to some deliciously unlikable work from Stone - but I wouldn't say it's blown me away like I was hoping for. Still there's plenty more to see so... we will see. Anyway on the Soderbergh tip the trailer for Unsane, his "shot on an iPhone" thriller starring The Crown's Claire Foy, dropped recently, you can watch it right here. That's out on March 23rd, so soon! And today comes word of his next project, roundly burying his recent retirement from movie-making but good - all we have is a title, but it's a doozy - Planet Kill. Sounds like something! Oh and it's co-written by his frequent collaborator Scott Z. Burns, who wrote The Informant! and Contagion.

--- Neighbor Knocking - This is old news at this point but that's what these link round-ups are for, to catch up on things I missed - Tom Hanks is going to play Mister Rogers in a bio-pic! That in itself is neat, if a little on the nose, but what's actually exciting about this news is the film will be directed by Marielle Heller, whose film The Diary of a Teenage Girl was one of my favorites in 2015 but she hasn't made a movie since. She has several projects listed in production on IMDb though, so hopefully they all happen. Just give her all the work.

--- King of the Castle - I still haven't watched the trailer for Toni Collette's upcoming horror movie Hereditary, even though I posted it, and here's another thing I am posting even though I'm not going to watch it: here is the first trailer for Castle Rock, the upcoming Stephen King series set in that titular Main town full of bad juju, which will bring together the entire Stephen King universe while starring a tippy-top-tier collection of actors like Melanie Lynskey, Bill Skarsgard, and Sissy fuckin' Spacek. I don't need to watch that damn trailer, I was sold months ago!

--- Taking Shape - If you're as excited (and yet wary at the same time) as we are about David Gordon Green's upcoming Halloween movie then you should read this quote from John Carpenter himself that DH shares today via a recent interview - JC is a producer and a consultant on the new movie, plus he's doing the music! And here he talks about why he's signed up to work on this one even as he's avoided the sequels in the past. And he doesn't even mention the word "money" once! If you missed it we shared a shot of Jamie Lee Curtis on set with DGG earlier this week.

--- Super Quick CMBYN link round-up! THR interviewed Sufjan and he talks about going to the Oscars! Book author Andre Aicman is making the rounds - here's a chat with Lambda Literary and here's a chat with the Globe & Mail. (I couldn't read the second one because of a paywall though.) But most importantly...
--- Tiffany's a Trip - I couldn't finish Girl's Trip when I tried to watch it, I thought it was awful, but Tiffany Haddish was very funny despite weak material and she's been a joy to watch over the course of the past couple of months - I'm hoping she'll get to work with material up to her level soon; if the whole PTA collaboration comes through that'd be something! Anyway she talks about that and more, much more, in this super fun chat with Vulture, and obviously I gotta share the Timmy bit:

Vulture: There’s also Timothée Chalamet from Call Me by Your Name, who took a picture with you at the New York Film Critics Circle. You two had the biggest fruit-sex scenes of last year. Did you compare notes?
Tiffany: His was way more sexier than mine! Oh my God. He was like, “You’re into fruit, I’m into fruit,” and I was like, “Yeahhhh, but your fruit has a cream filling!"

--- And Finally if you've ever seen Nash Edgerton's film The Square from 2008 (here's a brief review I wrote) then you have reason to be excited about his new directorial effort (yes this is the first feature-length film he's made in a decade) called Gringo even before you find out it has a cast to die for - it stars David Oyelowo as a hapless salesman (this is clearly a much more comic movie than The Square was) who gets in over his head in Mexico, and it co-stars Joel Edgerton (Nash's brother), Amanda Seyfried, Charlize Theron, Thandie Newton, Sharlto Copley and Harry Treadaway. It's out on March 9th. Here's the trailer:



Adam said...

That picture of Bill Skarsgard is like if Steve Buscemi tried to be sexy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous said...

God I hope they ask Sufjan to perform. They always have a beautiful stage set for songs performed at the Oscars like Karen O when she did The Moon Song.