Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How Long Can You Last?


That there is the trailer for Hereditary, the Toni Collette Horror Movie that screened at Sundance last week to gasps and shat pants galore - a movie that's not out until June 8th that we haven't seen ourselves that this is still somehow our third post on. That there is its just released this morning trailer, and this here is me typing lots of words furiously as a distraction from watching it. I don't want to watch it! I want to go into the theater in 129 days and not have seen anything. I don't know if I can do it though, guys. The urge to click play is strong with this one. Have you watched the trailer already? Is it spoilery? Maybe it's just a minute and a half of Toni Collette sipping tea and then at the end she says, in the faintest voice, "Boo." I could watch it if it was just that...


basti said...

its not very spoilery but i wouldnt recommend you to watch it. it gives away a few graphic scenes that you want to see for the first time on a big cinema screen i guess..

Manny said...

Not a great idea to use the same plucky string motif from the mother! trailer, because audiences are quick to catch on to that sort of thing and start making unwarranted comparisons or just come to a full stop.

Visually it looks interesting, but there isn't anything in the trailer, aside from an image or two, that strikes me as revelatory.

The performances, however, look mighty strong, especially from Collette and Dowd.

The marketing I get, but it's still the wrong way to go about it: after a century and some change of movies and movie-making, there really isn't much ground that hasn't been covered by horror, so trying to play it off as the scariest thing since The Exorcist, which is the go-to tagline and has been SINCE Friedkin's film, plays very stale and marks the film as yet another event movie, like The Conjuring, when it should just be released with as little fanfare as possible, that way people can truly let it wash over them without any expectations forced upon them.

The Conjuring was also called the scariest movie in years, and it was incredibly not.

But it DOES look like a good time! :)

basti said...

i agree with manny. not having seen it yet but it almost comes across like a big PR-Stunt, making it sound like the scariest movie of all times. you can only be disappointed after having build up such high expectations from that marketing. and its only coming to the theaters in june which means there will be 5 more trailers etc. I wish they would just throw it out there for everyone to see with as little marketing as possible. also it seems like it does not really re-invent the wheel, it just plays alot into the fucked up psyches of human being, which is probably what people are most scared of these days.

Shawny said...

La la la la la la la la la la la la I’m not reading any of this!!!!