Friday, February 09, 2018

Good Morning, World

One week until Black Panther is out and today's Michael B. Jordan's birthday so let's wish him a happy day and week ahead! I think that Black Panther is going to be a happy time for everybody involved, given the praise it's gotten from the folks who've already seen it and the buzz surrounding showings selling out for months straight already. I still haven't gotten tickets because I'm hoping (foolishly, probably) to sneak into one with my MoviePass... yeah I am probably going to be seeing it well after everybody else. But it looks great! (Sidenote: these shots are from the TV show Parenthood, which MBJ was apparently on! Who knew?) (Well probably anybody who watched Parenthood knew that, i guess.)

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Forever1267 said...

When you do get a chance, since you're never busy, binge through "Parenthood". You'll laugh. you'll cry. You'll call your Mother or Father.

And Sam Jaeger is definitely worth checking out, if you know what I mean....