Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Little Peach That Could

Just a reminder (aka an excuse to post that picture of Timothée staring Armie down like he's the most tender and delicious pork cutlet on the menu) that Call Me By Your Name, a fun little movie you've maybe heard me talk about once or twice, is hitting iTunes in five days on February 27th, and then it hits blu-ray on March 13th. My guess is we'll get some glimpses of behind-the-scenes stuff that we somehow haven't glimpsed yet when the latter date gets closer, and my guess is that I will cover those things when we do. Just an educated guess. To see all of our previous coverage click here.



JimmyD said...

I read that there’s a full commentary between Luca and The Peach, along with ‘The FX of CMBYN: Digital Ball Erasing.’
Also, a very short interview/rant from an Apricot, who thought it would get more screen time.

Cindy said...

The commentary is crazily good!!! Finally, you can figure out who is the actress dancing on the piazza duomo ;)