Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Good Morning, Ollie

While I prepare myself both mentally and physically - lots of laps, lots of breathing exercises - for the Alan Bates retrospective about to hit The Quad here in New York, let's take a minute to wish a happy birthday to Bates' wrestling partner du jour the great Oliver Reed, who was born 80 years ago today. These gifs are from a scene in the 1967 film The Shuttered Room (watch the entire clip here), which I have never seen but sounds like something I should - it's based on a story by HP Lovecraft and is about a couple (played by Gig Young and Carol Lynley) who move back to her ancestral home when her parents die, and find it cursed. (Never heard that one before.) Oliver plays the "lecherous cousin." Annnnd of course he does. Anybody seen it?


joel65913 said...

Shuttered Room is worth tracking down. It was probably scarier on its original release but a decent chiller. By coincidence today is Carol Lynley's birthday as well.

mtmslg said...

OMG! Loved The Shuttered Room when I first saw it as a kid. Little, impressionable me had very conflicted feelings about creepy, sexy Oliver Reed.