Monday, February 12, 2018

A Tale of Two Legends

I say this as an enormous life-long fan of both of these women, but I think we should all probably light a prayer candle tonight for Andy Fickman, the director of the just-announced film adaptation of Charles Busch's stage comedy The Tale Of The Allergist’s Wife, which will star noted divas Sharon Stone and Bette fucking Midler. I mean... I don't want to wade into sexist stereotypes about "difficult women" or anything but... well... these two! I think they have earned their reputations. That's a lot of actress in one location. That said put on your riot gear, Fickman, and get this made, because I cannot wait to see this movie - I need these two on the big screen again! Here's what The Tale Of The Allergist’s Wife is about:

"Midler... will play Marjorie Taub in Allergist’s Wife. She’s an upper middle class, Upper West Sider in the midst of a volcanic later-life crisis. Her loving husband, acclaimed allergist to the homeless, Dr Ira Taub, tries in vain to help. But everything changes with the arrival of Marjorie’s fascinating and mysterious childhood friend, Lee (Stone). Lee has led the glamorous, globe-trotting life that Marjorie dreamed of. As Lee becomes the Taubs’ permanent houseguest, Marjorie’s depression magically lifts. But Lee has a secret agenda that leads to a wild and unexpected turn."


Pierce said...

Since Kim Cattrell is being so difficult about SATC 3, I think they should replace her with Sharon Stone. She and Bette together? Divine!

Anonymous said...

One of the things I've learned from this #metoo movement is to disregard any woman's reputation as difficult. Not saying all women are saints - for all I know, both these women ARE difficult - but I'm going to start taking these rumors as just that, rumors. For all we know, it's just because they told a man no (for whatever reason), dared to age past 40, got tired that one day on set, etc.

Jason Adams said...

Anon - I have been thinking about that a lot too lately, which was why I was hesitant here. I've just heard some very specific horror stories about these two for a very long time! But for what they put on-screen they're worth every ounce of struggle to get there, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that. Like I said, it's not to say that no women are ever difficult. But even stories that have been around a long time have to be questioned, you know? Just because something got repeated frequently doesn't make it any more true. Or maybe they're based on something true, but like a game of Telephone, have become exaggerated over the year.