Thursday, January 25, 2018

Try Not To Faint, Witch!

Did y'all manage to catch the super duper remastered version of Dario Argento's Suspiria when it made the rounds last year? I did and I posted about the experience, which was an eye-popping one in more than many ways, but if you missed it then your chance to catch it is nigh - Synapse Films is putting it out onto blu-ray on March 13th! BD has all of the relevant information (thanks Mac) but the two-disc special edition is where it's at, stuffed with so many extras it makes an attic full of maggots seem downright pedestrian in comparison. But Synapse actually put out an even more loaded three-disc edition recently - that sucker runs over 80 bucks though so I haven't been able to justify making that purchase to myself, even though i came close to stuffing my own stocking with it for Christmas. The two-disc edition is half that price and if I had to guess it will probably drop even more before March. 

And all of this is the prelude, of course, to 2018's Big Suspiria Event - Luca Guadagnino's not-a-remake remake starring Dakota Johnson & Tilda Swinton. We don't have a date for that yet but it's long been filmed and will definitely be out sometime this year; I'm guessing he's just got to finish all his Call Me By Your Name awards season nonsense before putting on those last bloody touches. I know hanging out with Armie & Timmy is time-consuming, Luca, but get on it.

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