Monday, January 15, 2018

Jim, Cary

This week's "Beauty vs Beast" poll over at The Film Experience is asking one of the roughest questions ever, and so it's only appropriate that we illustrate the emotional storm awaiting you at that link with this picture of Cary Grant "Hair Mussed And Drunk" for North By Northwest. It's Cary's birthday later this week, see, and so... well it will make sense when you click over. I need a drink, myself. And now, a related factoid:


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joel65913 said...

He did bow out voluntarily feeling it was becoming unseemly with the age differences between he and his leading ladies and choosing to go out on top much as Jimmy Cagney did. Though Cagney came back after a long hiatus Cary stayed busy behind the scenes, his only child Jennifer was born in '66 and he was a very active parent and he didn't want to sully his legend.

I've heard that his lectures were very entertaining, he had just finished one when he had his fatal stroke.