Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Refuse To Stay Silent

The highlight of the trailer for Duncan Jones' upcoming Netflix film Mute, which hits the streamer on February 23rd, is clearly the above shot of Alexander Skarsgard wearing well-tailored trousers and suspenders and sitting on a bed - those are some haunches - but that's about as close to sexy as Alex gets the whole trailer...

... and meanwile Justin Theroux and Paul Rudd are all goofed-up in wig / stache paraphernalia... consider me officially discouraged. I know Alex is an Award Winning Actor now, la di dah, but let's not forget our roots, buddy. And come on, Duncan! With a cast like this (see also Sam Rockwell), well, his heterosexuality is showing. His father would've sexed this up so much.


1 comment:

dre said...

Thank god, he's pretty because he lives in one dimension.