Thursday, January 25, 2018

Call Me Timothée Or Call Me Death

Having been laid up sick for the past couple of days I missed most of the chatter about the Oscar nominations (although thanks to those of you who shared your requested thoughts on the post I posted from my death-bed!) but you might have caught me yapping anyway if you were over at The Film Experience - those of us who contribute to the sight offered up a few opinions in the aftermath in a pair of posts. 

Right here you can read what we all we pissed off about, snub-wise. And right here you can read what we were the opposite of that, aka the piss was sucked back up in and making out hearts warm. That sounds like something dangerous? Oh jeez guys I am still not 100% well, expect weirdness from me today I guess. Anyway all of my answers were about Call Me By Your Name because what else would you expect? Me gotta me.

ETA oh wait since we've got the guys here I should mention this news that broke whilst I was away -- in a chat with Collider Luca gave us a little bit more info about the CMBYN sequel, although I think we might've heard this much before? I don't know, I've read so many damn interviews with these guys at this point...

"I believe that I will end up making a cycle of films about these characters because I love them so much. And I think their experience of life is ripe for many, many adventures.... I think the next chapter it will be happening right after the fall of Berlin wall and that great shift that was the end of Russia, of the USSR, sorry. And we’ll see people leaving home and going in the world. That’s what I can say for now."

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Scot said...

A VERY young Timothée Chalamet was on a 2009 episode of Law and Order last night. The episode was titled Pledge and he was in it for the first five minutes - you know, where the horrible crime is committed and somebody dies! When I saw his name in the credits, I had to start it over just to see who he played.