Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Sebastian Stan Three Times

Bucky boy Seb Stan is profiled in no less than the New York Times today - you can go read the friendly little chat with him right here. I like the bit that he says about never ice skating because he's afraid he'll fall and get sliced to ribbons by the blades because I have that exact same fear! That seals the deal - we should obviously get married, Sebastian. We could avoid the ice together, like, in bed.

I also love that they brought up his excessive shirtlessness onstage in Picnic, because who could ever forget that. But he's chatting with them about I Tonya mostly, since that's out on Friday -- if you missed my review of I Tonya yesterday you can read it right here. I found the film really fascinating, and it brought to mind that period of my life like something crazy. 

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