Thursday, November 02, 2017

You're Hired!

So far the breakout star of Stranger Things' second season seems to be Dacre Montgomery as the creep Billy who can't get enough of his shower time with hair-god Joe Keery - at least he's the breakout star if you ask me and my post of a hundred pictures of him, anyway. I am not alone! GQ talked to him and got his audition tape... which he did shirtless, because why wouldn't he? Why should Dacre Montgomery ever wear clothes? I don't have an answer for you. I do have a video for you, though! Watch:


Adrian C said...

ugh, i found his character so annoying, and felt like he didn't really added anything of substance to the show. sadly it would seem like he's gonna have a bigger role to play going forward.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dacre had a good screen presence and looked great in those jeans and shorts but his character was confusing and oddly written. I guess they are setting something up for next season.

Jesse Walsh's yearning anus said...

Yeah and what was up with the weird overtly homoerotic sexual tension between him and the Steve Harrington character? It felt like they were going to start making out at any second. Was that a tongue in cheek nod to the unintentionally gay stuff from 80s horror movies like Friday the 13th and sex comedies of the time...or even the gay panic opus that is Nightmare on Elm Street 2? Or am I just so horny that I imagined it all?