Thursday, November 02, 2017

Joe Keery Twelve Times

I saw somebody online bitching about how terrible they thought Joe Keery's hair is and all I could think was, "Gosh, you're dead inside." His hair is his magic! His hair is like all the dumb poetry and rebellion of youth turned... into hair. 

Anyway I still haven't finished the second season of Stranger Things - I did make it to the bizarre seventh episode last night, though - that probably won't happen until this weekend. At least I know not to get my hopes up for any more homoerotic shower scenes with hot creep Billy (see lots more of actor Dacre Montgomery here) - especially now that Dacre himself has come out and said he doesn't think the character is actually gay. But at least the jeans remain tight. 

There is that to hold onto. These pictures are from GQ, read the article over there, or hit the jump for the rest of the pictures...

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Anonymous said...

Steve was awesome this season.