Thursday, November 02, 2017

Gyllenhaal Me By Your Name

I know we're still all Call Me By Your Name this and Call Me By Your Name that, so here's something different, something we never ever talk about -- Jake Gyllenhaal! DH reports that his terrific movie Okja from earlier this year with South Korean director Bong Joon-ho is getting a theatrical re-release this weekend - the movie was a Netflix production and so didn't get a whole lot of an original theatrical release in the first place, dropping as it did right onto their streaming service; I know it played for a couple weeks here in NYC but I'm not sure how much it played outside of here. 

Anyway they say it's hitting a whole bunch of screens, so check, as they say, your local listings. Do they actually think they could get some awards attention for the film? it got good reviews, and deservedly so, but I don't know that it's really that kind of movie. Of course who even knows what that means anymore, what with Mad Max Fury Road a Best Picture nominee and everybody putting Get Out on their ballots this time around. I'm outta that loop.

In other Jake news (besides how fine he looks up top in that red shirt he wore in Rome the other day) if you're here in new York he's doing a big talk slash screening of Stronger at 92Y later this month - find out those details right here. I'm not going because forty-five bucks is a lot to spend on a movie I have already seen and I don't think it comes with a hug from Jake included in the purchase price. But maybe you're richer and less inclined to hugs than me in which case I say go to town!

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