Saturday, October 07, 2017

NYFF DIaries: Day 13

There's still a full eight days of the New York Film Festival left -- and a full eight days until I see Call Me By Your Name a third time, let's not forget that! See out reactions to the first two screenings of that here and here -- but even with over a week left I've only got three, possibly four, movies to see. You can check back through on everything we've seen so far here, and check out our actual reviews at The Film Experience. As for today...

October 7th
Wonderstruck (dir. Todd Haynes)

It feels very very strange that I am going into a Todd Haynes movie with low expectations and not a lot of buzz attached, but Wonderstruck's reception - as far as I have been able to gauge without having allowed myself to read a single review yet lest I actually spoil a movie that I have always very clearly going to watch - has been pretty muted ever since it played Cannes in the spring. I'm really hoping going in with low expectations will work in the film's favor. Here's the most recent trailer:

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