Thursday, October 12, 2017

Henry Cavill Nine Times

Henry's clearly feeling pretty debonair these days with his rakish 'stache and all, and so he should - in these pictures (via) he is making me want to slip on a pair of fur-lined gloves and make out with him in a train compartment. Hit the jump for the rest...


Bismark said...

Oh. My. God
oop... Henry just did THAT!

Anonymous said...

O H M Y G O D !

Dougie said...

He was already hot to begin with, but that stache and beard makes him infinitely scorching *swoon*

1971 said...

Sexy but will he ever make an interesting film? Can he act?

Anonymous said...

from you defently can act 10 times better.
he can act in drama roles(the witcher/tudors)
and action films(man of steel/mission impossible).