Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cyd & Company

It's been such a pleasure over the past couple of years to watch the low-key revelation of a fine talent like the director Stephen Cone as he's been coming into his own - his warmth and humanism surrounds you as you watch his movies, and we really desperately need voices like his beaming into the world, right now probably more than ever. (Although let's be clear - we always need kind voices like his.) Especially ones that straddle typically kept-seperate worlds of spirituality and sexuality. The first film I saw of his called The Wise Kids in 2010 remains my favorite (here's my review - it made my list of favorite movies of that year) but that's probably because its story felt the closest to my own, not to mention it also had the feeling of a secret club discovery. 

Since then I knew of and have seen Henry Gamble's Birthday Party and Princess Cyd, which are both absolutely lovely - Princess Cyd is premiering here in NYC in November and -- wow! This is a big deal! The Museum of the Moving Image is presenting a retrospective of five of Cone's films! It will run from November 3rd to the 12th, and they're showing movies I totally missed of his that apparently slipped through the festival cracks, so this will be a revelation for me too. Good things coming to good people! How nice for once!

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Anonymous said...

I also really liked Wise Kids and kind of loved Henry Gamble - I'll be seeing Princess Cyd at the Chicago Film Fest this week and am very excited. Glad to see Cone getting the attention that he deserves.