Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pics of the Day


Besides that shot there I also posted a few pictures of Garrett & the rest of the Mudbound crew on Instagram earlier today at the film's press screening for the New York Film Festival - click over there for those. But for you guys here on the site proper I'll share a few lil' bonus shots of Garrett because who doesn't want nay need more Garrett? Nobody I wanna know that's who.

By the way, without getting into reviewing the film (which is excellent) just yet let me say that Dee Rees' camera was clearly infatuated with Garrett too, and shot him like the fucking movie star he deserves to be shot as. He looked drop-dead gorgeous in an old-fashioned movie-star sort of way in every single frame. I ate it up!

ETA oh wait I missed something  -- Garrett is the dude of the month in Mr Porter magazine and there's a very fine photo-shoot of him therein, so hit the jump for nine whole pictures from that...

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