Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ghosts Come Home, Gideon Groans

As of a couple of months ago I really didn't think that anything was going to top A Ghost Story as my favorite movie of 2017. I even literally said as much:

"I can already say with some assurance that it's going to take something very terribly impressive to beat this movie as my favorite movie of the year. I don't believe in a "soul" but this movie fills my soul anyway."

Well now it's October and Call Me By Your Name showed up and not just hit it out of the park but hit it out of the galaxy, and I can tell you with some assurance now that my assurances ain't worth junk. Oh well. I don't know why anybody listens to me anyway. That said A Ghost Story finally hit blu-ray this week and you should really see it, if you missed it in theaters. It's something and a half.

Although as I type that I realize that the one place I was really rooting for AGS to get a probable Oscar nomination - for Best Song for "I Get Overwhelmed" - I've turned on it there too, and only really care about Sufjan Stevens getting his nomination. NominationSSSS. Plural. For both of his new songs, one called "Mystery of Love" (which you hear in CMBYN's trailer) and the other called "Visions of Gideon" (which plays over the heartrending end credits) and which I could never choose between. I suppose they'll nominate just one in order to keep from splitting the vote? Oh dear it's a good thing that decision is not up to me!

Are there any other Original Songs 
that you'd nominate from 2017?

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Adam said...

Apparently Cher sings a Dianne Warren song in a documentary about Syria!