Thursday, September 14, 2017

Who's That Dude In The Bond Trunks?

Some people see Jennifer Lawrence's side-boob in this shot from the just released trailer for her next movie called Red Sparrow, which has her as a seductive spy lady, but I think most of us here watching this trailer on MNPP only have eyes for one thing, and...

... it pays off because that's Joel Edgerton!

What a thrill! Also in this movie but not in the trailer? Matthias Schoenaerts! We first told you about this movie back here - it was directed by Francis Lawrence, who can be good (I really do like Constantine, and the first half of I Am Legend is terrific) or godawful (the second half of I Am Legend, for instance) so we'll wait and see where this falls when... oh god it's not our until March 2nd? Well I guess we'll see on March 2nd then.


MTMSLG said...

Jeez, Edgerton better get those moles checked!

Forever1267 said...

So, a different colored "Atomic Blonde"???