Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Take a Jake Break

I was going to title this post "Today's Mood" because that look on Jake's face (click to embiggen) is saying it all and then some, but then I saw that IHJM had a few new pictures from Stronger, Jake's upcoming movie about the Boston Marathon Bombing from David Gordon Green, and I figured we needed to broaden the scope to get them in here. But know, just know, that face is my face. Anyway if you missed Stronger's trailer you can watch it back here and there are a couple more pictures back here - the film is screening at both the Toronto and the Calgary Film Festivals next month (Canada represent!) so I suppose we'll get our first word on it from there. And you can hit the jump for the three new pictures...

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Just what we need, another inspirational story about a privileged white dude who's brought down to earth with the rest of us. I personally prefer movies about dead white dudebros- can we have a movie about that for a change?