Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jake Is a Work of Art

A quartet of new stills from Stronger, Jake's movie with director David Gordon Green about the marathon bombing in Boston, have been released -- you can check them all over at IHJM. That movie is out in September, but we've got word on a new new movie that Jake's signed up for! (thx Mac) He is re-teaming with the director of Nightcrawler Dan Gilroy for a movie set in the art world... which is all the info they're giving us. Oh except that Rene Russo, so terrific in Nightcrawler and not incidentally married to Dan Gilroy, will be Jake's co-star again. I can picture her in the art world easy enough though, since she already did it once, and very well at that, in The Thomas Crown Affair.


tanpoffel said...

Can this be an unofficial sequel to the Amy Adams parts of NOCTURNAL ANIMALS? :P

Anonymous said...

The one who was terrific in Nightcrawler is Jake. Rene was very good also, but let's not rewrite history. Nightcrawler was Jake's movie through and through.