Thursday, September 14, 2017

Christopher Abbott Four Times

I should've probably saved these pictures (via) for Monday when this week's "Beauty vs Beast" competition for the movie It Comes At Night ends, especially since Christopher's currently leading by a hefty percentage, but I'm perfectly certain I can find more pictures of this handsome Kit-double to share when that time arrives. And hey, you can still vote! Go vote!

And if you haven't seen It Comes At Night, go do that. It's out on blu-ray now so you have no excuses. But then who am i to talk - Abbott's last movie that got good reviews, the cancer-drama James White with Cynthia Nixon, has been out on blu-ray for ages and I haven't made the time for that. I don't know, man - Sick Mom Movies are rough. You really gotta force yourself. Have any of you seen that? Should I get over my fear?


Anonymous said...

He kinda looks like Kit Harington in the second pic.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on that. Totally giving me Jon Snow vibes.