Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Nicholas Hoult Five Times

These pictures are a couple years old (also they are very large so you should click on them) but they fit right in with how Nicky looks in the trailer for Rebel in the Rye, his quick approaching bio-pic of JD Salinger (see the trailer right here), so we might as well share them now. Not that we needed that reason. Or any. But it gives me something to write anyway!

Oh wait I do have something to write - Rebel is out here in NYC the weekend of September 8th and the IFC Center is doing some screenings (including a preview one on the 7th) with writer-director (and one third of the Nerd Trio) Danny Strong there for Q&As, in case you're around and into that. I don't know if I should go since I wouldn't really want to ask him about anything besides Buffy. Anyway hit the jump for more Nicky...

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