Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I Am Link

--- Everybody Wants Chaos - Tom Holland posted a picture on his Instagram from the set of Chaos Walking the other day (he also posted that picture to the left, which is way more interesting) calling attention to the fact that it had begun shooting finally, which is news we have waited a very long time to hear, so yippee for that. And an even bigger yippee to today's news that no less than David Oyelowo has just joined the film's cast! He is playing another bad guy alongside Mads Mikkelsen, whose casting we celebrated (along with Nick Jonas) the other week. Add on Daisy Ridley and that is one super cast that Doug Liman is gathering up here.

--- For The Love Of Alf - That list of the 100 Greatest Comedies of All Time that the BBC collated from a bunch of critics has been hogging all the attention this week which is a shame because there's another list worth a look-see - Rolling Stone came up with the Top 40 Science-Fiction Movies of the 21st Century, and it's filled with super picks! (And my real world friend Sean T. Collins wrote up a few of them so keep your eyes peeled for his name.) I've been in a big sci-fi mood thanks to MoMA's amazing summer series, which I pray they make an annual thing.

--- Bad Hellboy Bad - I kind of wanted to avoid this news in hopes it would go away - Neil Marshall & Co were doing so well in casting their Hellboy reboot! David Harbour and Milla Jovovich and American Honey's Sasha Lane and Ian McShane! Very good! But now they have gone and cast Ed Skrein - who I like a lot, mind you - to play a character that is half-Japanese in the comics, which is a terrible, terrible decision. Why won't they learn already? Ugh!

--- Break Forth - I figure I should give you the heads-up on this one since I reviewed it at Fantasia Fest a couple of weeks ago and it's not half bad - the trippy Cronenbergian horror movie Sequence Break, which I called "a love letter to films like Videodrome and the practical effects of 80s horror," has been picked up by Shudder (along with five more horror movies), the online streaming service, so stay tuned for that.I imagine I will help you do so by mentioning it when it has a date and a trailer.

--- David Hears You - Every time I have done one of these link round-up over the past couple of months I have said the same thing at some point therein - I could make this whole damn thing nothing but Twin Peaks writing! And here we are again. I'll just give you two though, and there's related even more specifically - here is an interview with David Lynch in the New York Times where he talks about creating the show's soundscape, which anybody who's ever seen anything from David Lynch knows is like way important. And on that same front the fine folks at the site Welcome to Twin Peaks uncovered a fun little aural Easter Egg in the new season's premiere. Oh wait here's another one - Lynch chatting with ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons about industrial noise for The Guardian. Sure, okay!

--- The Tippi Point - Because I've only been doing one of these posts per week lately (they're so time consuming because I can't stop myself from rambling) (case in point) some of this news is a little old, like this - the BBC is remaking The Birds! Well, they are making a miniseries from Daphne du Maurier's novella anyway, which is incredibly different from the movie Alfred Hitchcock ended up making. The only thing they have in common... is birds.

--- Call Me Luca - I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet myself but The Playlist shared a Q&A with director Luca Guadagnino at the Melbourne Film Festival last week where he apparently talks about both Call Me By Your Name (which was screening there) and his upcoming remake of Suspiria (which probably won't screen anywhere until next year is my guess). Somebody listen to it and tell me the good parts!

--- And Finally I thought about making gifs from this but I think it probably works better as video, uninterrupted - Sam Taylor-Johnson directed a commercial for Givenchy (thx Mac) starring her gorgeous slab of husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson and it's a real joy; it's easily the best thing I've ever seen her direct. But then I only made it halfway through 50 Shades of Grey and I only watched one episode of Gypsy before giving up so what do I know? (I'd say I know a lot.) Wisely she got Aaron to dance, channeling that REM music video he starred in - he needs to make a musical, obviously. Watch!


Robb said...

It's so nice to visit a website that sheds Twin Peaks in such positive glows, some websites I frequent just yesterday dared to place Twin Peaks on its losers list of summer shows. Such morons really!

sowhatelse said...

Best men's cologne spot I've ever seen. Aaron looks amazing and moves so well.

mtmslg said...

Can he sing? Cast him opposite Glenn Close in the upcoming Sunset Boulevard . . . He'd make a great Joe Gillis!

Soon-Yi Johnson-Taylor said...

Am I the only one who wants to fuck him while his mother-wife watches?

Jesus to think, when this disgusting emotionally damaged bitch's saggy old tits are flopping around on the loose stretched out skin of her 60 year old gut her boy husband will only be 32 years old. Yeesh, when she was a 32 year old mother of two he was a 8 year old little boy. Can't wait for the day he announces their separation on instagram after it's revealed he knocked up a 20 year old, cause it's only a matter of time and she knows it.

That's the least she deserves after all for fucking someone's teenage son when she was a desperate emotionally needy divorcee in her 40s by abusing her position of authority.