Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nicholas Hoult Stars in Bookshelves: The Movie

I guess Nicholas Hoult has entered the "I only play real world authors who went by initials beginning with 'J'" phase of his career - he's just finished making a movie about JD Salinger and now he's in the lead to play JRR Tolkien, apparently. Weirdly I can kind of see how he could play the both of them, too...

See what I mean? He's not bad casting for either of them. White Men should be the subjects of everything, you guys! Aaaaaanyway the latter movie will be directed by Finnish director Dome Karukoski (I don't recognize any of his films - anybody know him?) and will focus on Tolkien's WWI experience. 

As for the former, the Salinger movie called Rebel in the Rye, that's been in the can for awhile (we first told you about it right here, and we shared some pictures from its set right here) and just released its first trailer over the weekend. The movie is out in September.

Shelves, shelves, suspenders, more shelves, Nicholas Hoult smoking a cigarette and banging on a typewriter, sweaters, sweater vests, shelves, Sarah Paulson, more shelves, Kevin Spacey and Victor Garber pawing at Nichols Hoult, more suspenders, more shelves, more shelves. I'm sold!

In all seriousness there are so many shelves in that trailer that I had to cap every single shot where they showed up, so if you are a person with your priorities in order you should hit the jump and stare at the luxurious and literate mid-century horniness of it all...

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Pierce said...

Another movie with bookshelves is An Early Frost.