Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cate Blanchett is The Witch Next Door

Well this is such an unexpected pairing that I felt the need to make that ridiculous photoshop job above - that's how ridiculous! Four minutes of my time's worth! But it's true - Cate Blanchett is about to co-star in an Eli Roth movie. Remember back in June we told you about The House With a Clock in its Walls, his upcoming adaptation of a ghoulish children's book by John Bellairs that Edward Gorey illustrated? The movie already had Jack Black attached in the adult lead (it's a kid's book so he actual leads will be kids, obviously) but today comes word that Cate is taking on the role of the next-door neighbor and maybe a witch. So basically this is her turn a la Meryl in the Lemony Snicket movie - something for her kids, but edgy (with Roth & Gorey's names up in there) enough to stay just this side of weird and interesting. I'm hoping for something a la Anjelica Huston in The Witches, personally...

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