Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Don't Be Afraid of New Nosferatu

I was going to save this couple-days-old news for a link round-up post but I felt like looking at a great big picture of Anya Taylor-Joy because good gravy is she a lovely young woman and so we're doing this instead. It's big enough news to warrant its own space anyway! Anya - who you should recognize from The Witch because you're a smart person who has watched The Witch ten times by now just like I have - is re-teaming with that movie's hyper-talented director Robert Eggers for his upcoming remake of Nosferatu

Now before you go whinging about Nosferatu not needing a remake... don't. I am perfectly fine with a new Nosferatu, and so should you be. It's a property perfectly suited to a new take every few decades, and I've heard Eggers speak at length about this specific project being a life-long dream of his, and his period-detail obsessiveness turned onto turn of the 20th century middle-of-nowhere European weirdness is the sort of thing that promises hit all my buttons hard and harder still.

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