Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cult Crazies For the Pitts

I was looking at this old photo-shoot of Brad Pitt earlier this week when I posted these pictures on the Tumblr and thinking how good he can be when tasked with "crazy" - I see Brad ripped on for his acting a lot but I disagree, and he's definitely at his best when he's at his twitchiest. 

Anyway I thought about this again this morning while reading the big word that Quentin Tarantino is making a Manson Family movie and although they don't say who he'd be playing one of the names mentioned for the cast is Brad. Brad is probably too old to play Charles Manson at this point though? Charlie was in his mid-30s when the murders happened. I guess it depends on what story QT is telling. Other names bandied about for the cast are Samuel L. Jackson (shocker) and Margot Robbie...

... and Robbie would make a shockingly fine Sharon Tate, don't you think? The thing is it's some 50 years on and, well, I personally don't really have any desire to watch a reenactment of a pregnant Sharon Tate being horribly murdered.

Perhaps I'm weird and particular about it at this point since the audience recognition of her, as a real person, is now pretty slim, but I've seen The Fearless Vampire Killers so many times and I hold it so dear that I recognize her, and that's kept me from ever watching any Manson anything. That's right - I haven't seen one of them. I mean I'm not really a saint here - if any of them had ever been hailed as any good I might've tried. But so far thankfully no such "luck."

That said I suppose I'll obviously have to see a Tarantino movie about it. What do we think? And who would we cast in all the roles? I mean, who the hell would play Roman Polanski?


joel65913 said...

I feel the same way as you, let the poor woman, and all the others who suffered at the hands of those animals, have her peace. While I haven't seen Fearless Vampire Killers countless times I have managed to see her small output of films and have watched Don't Make Waves, The Wrecking Crew and of course Valley of the Dolls multiple times so like you I recognize her and feel in a strange way protective.

Neither the fact that Tarantino is helming the project nor that Brad might star would sway me to see something so grizzly and unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

I just...don't get Manson. He's delusional. He's egomaniacal. He's not particularly attractive, even back then. To me he's just the crazy guy on the corner ranting to himself about the end times. How he got these people to worship him and do his bidding I do not understand because to me, he's fundamentally uninteresting. I have sympathy for his victims of course, but Manson himself? I just...don't care, and I'm interested in true crime and serial killers. But Manson bores me, and I have zero interest in seeing yet another movie about him.