Wednesday, July 12, 2017

That Bangin' Captain Boomerang Body

First things fist (real typo but it's staying) no I have not posted that picture before but I did post two very very similar shots back in December; thanks to the ever-on-it Jai Courtney Forever Tumblr for catching this third one. Now let us pause, and enjoy that picture for a few seconds. Pause. Pause. Enjoy. Enjoy. Have you clicked on it? It gets much bigger. Click. pause. Pause. Enjoy. Enjoy. pause. Clean up. Okay, now on to the news.

We have averted the Mel-Gibson-pocalypse! Apparently Warner Bros was thinking about hiring that dick-cheese to make the second Suicide Squad movie for awhile and hey if nothing else Mel Gibson directing it we would've at least gotten a lot of deeply repressed homosexual leering at Jai Courtney's body. I'm not down with repression... except when it's hot, and sometimes it's hot. 

Anyway we don't have to worry about feeling icky because Mel's gone because of timeline delays, and a very good director, much better than Mel, is maybe picking the movie up - THR says that Jaume Collet-Serra, the man who made Orphan and most recently the not at all guilty pleasure of The Shallows is maybe about to sign on. Do it, Jaume! He knows how to spin gold from trash and god this series needs some of that magic. 

Of course I thought David Ayer would be able to handle it based on his previous credits and he fumbled hard, so who knows.

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Forever1267 said...

He's even better looking beefier (but aren't they all?), but he is still resoundingly hawt. Let's hope he has more to do, and with less clothes, and in a better film than that train wreck.

(And Happy Birthday, too!!!)