Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Adam Scott Seventeen Times

Now here's somebody that we don't get nice photo-shoots of often enough! Here is a somewhat sleazily (in the best way) bestached Adam Scott for Rogue Magazine - you can read his chat with them right here. He talks a lot about making Big Little Lies in it, and continuing this "Adam Scott is under-appreciated" theme we've got going here it is a shame he hasn't gotten more recognition for his terrific supporting work on BLL

His role wasn't the showiest (he didn't get his big Swedish boner thwacked with a tennis racket like some people) but he did a whole lot with it and gave the series some of its finest moments; I do wish they had followed through on his character's hinted-at creepiness though. I don't like that left sitting there as just a red herring. Anyway hit the jump for a few more pics...

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