Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Good Morning, World

Even though he is only one month and one day older than me I look at Sullivan Stapleton and I think... well, some version of "Daddy" I suppose. He seems older, which is probably just that skewed view we all have of our own age in the world. I look at Sullivan making out with Alex Russell in this movie (you can see that happen right here, by the way) called Cut Snake and I feel more like I'm the Alex than I am the Sullivan in the situation, even though Alex is ten years younger than the both of us. I guess I am just young at heart! Slash delusional! Anyway a happy 40 to Sullivan today.


Anonymous said...

J, you seem to be fixated on the 4-0... is it giving you the wiggins?

JA said...

Haha well I get weird about every birthday but yeah, PROBABLY :)

Mark Alexander said...