Monday, April 10, 2017

Whatever Walked There Walked Alone

It's been eighteen years since Jan De Bont crapped out his remake of The Haunting starring a never-worse Lili Taylor, so Shirley Jackson's classic book is probably overdue for a reboot at this point, given our culture, even though the 1963 original is still the bee's knees (and calves and thighs too). And here comes Netflix to do just that - Mike Flanagan, whose Ouija sequel was way better than it had any right being and whose upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's scary book Gerald's Game just might be terrific too, has signed up to turn Jackson's book into a ten episode series for the streaming giant. Deadline calls this a "re-imagining" so I'm guessing they'll be keeping the haunted house and rejiggering the concept, which has a group of psychically-inclined individuals testing the place for bad juju before the rich new tenant moves in. I hope they at least stay true to the story's high lesbian quotient - it's important, dammit!

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M said...

This is amazing news! So long as they stay away from the over-CGIed remake and stick to the premise of the novel and original film, this should be great.