Thursday, June 01, 2017

5 Off My Head: Tucker Unbound

Save a quick tweet I didn't get the chance to properly wish one of our favorite actors, Mr. Jonathan Tucker, a happy birthday yesterday - he turned 35 and the third and final season of his show Kingdom premiered all at once! I got to thinking about all the wonderful, electric work he's gifted us with so far and I realized this'd be a fine time for a list! So here's a list of why I love watching him, and I'm not even talking about his abs for once! Dude's got talent to spare.

My 5 Favorite Jonathan Tucker Performances

"What we have here is a dreamer.
Someone completely out of touch with reality."

Beau in The Deep End
"How do you know what I think?"

Jeff in The Ruins
"The police, our parents, the Greeks, somebody.
Somebody is going to find us.
We just have to be alive when they do."

Jay on Kingdom
 "Well, hurts like hell but the pay is terrible."

Matthew on Hannibal
"I wonder what they're gonna call me... You know, the Iroquois used to eat their enemies to take their strength. Maybe your murders will become my murders... I'll be the Chesapeake Ripper now. "


So what's your favorite Jonathan Tucker performance?


FieldMedic said...

His performance in the pilot/movie High Moon. I really liked the eccentricities of that show and wish that it had been picked up for a full series run, but then we wouldn't have Constance Wu in Fresh Off The Boat, lol. Even though it didn't get picked up I'll always remember Tucker as the gay robot spy with his Russian lover on the moon.

JA said...

Excellent pick, FieldMedic!

I so wish that show had been turned into an actual show!

arpegius2008 said...

Jay Kulina is my hero.

[ joe ] said...

My favorite of his performances is, hands down, Jay Kulina. That character is so deep and utterly well executed.