Thursday, May 25, 2017

Who's Atomic You's Atomic That's Who's

A second trailer for Atomic Blonde - maybe probably my most anticipated movie of the summer - was released a couple of weeks ago and somehow slinked right by me; it's fine though because they're still not showing off James McAvoy in his black mesh tank-top yet which, save seeing the entire movie right now dammit, is all I need to get my grubby eyeballs on ASAP. There is however...

... a flash of mysterious mustachioed man-folk though that caught my grubby eye; for a quick second I thought that was Robert Pattinson but no, definitely not - he's not even in this movie. That said I have no idea who the actor is. Does anybody? Here's another glimpse from the trailer:

He's playing (according to the trailer anyway) the stock character in these kinds of movies of "The Dude who Charlize Loved And Lost And Who Now Haunts Her And Drives Her  Character On Her Brutal Vengeful Quest." IMDb doesn't list any character by that name though, so I'm lost.

But hey look there's Til Schweiger!

And Bill Skarsgard!
Here's the trailer:

Atomic Blonde is out on July 28th!


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it's Sam Hargrave.

par3182 said...

"agent gascoine was killed last night"

sam hargrave......gascoine

Kiki said...

He's also the stunt coordinator and 2nd unit director.