Thursday, May 25, 2017

Beach Balls For Brains

For all the posting I have done about the Baywatch movie (see here) the Baywatch movie was never a movie I was going to spend money on to go see in a movie theater, but something tells me that it'll do fine without me and my fifteen bucks (even if Dwayne Johnson still feels the need to whine repeatedly on Twitter about critics being out of touch). Anyway I am guessing that some of you might take advantage of the holiday weekend and go see the movie; if you do let us know what you thought here in the comments. 

I suppose I can also use this post as a heads-up that after today I will be off-line until Tuesday, so prepare yourselves - make sure you buy plenty of water and canned goods and batteries and porn. It'll be a slog but somehow we'll make it.

1 comment:

Mark Alexander said...

If Zac Efron's peen is not going to make an appearance in the film, I see no need to waste money on it...